How Dental Implant Treatment Has Revolutionized Dentistry!

Dental Implant Treatment

Dentistry has been one of the most evolving medical fields. Due to cavities, gum diseases and other dental ailments caused, people from all age groups do frequent visits to their dentists nowadays. The major culprit for such increasing cases of dental problems are unhealthy eating habits, poor dental hygiene maintained and sometimes accidental injuries. One of the most prominent issues faced by people with age is the loss of teeth. Traditionally dentures were only an option which is uncomfortable and tedious to maintain. Teeth implant technology has evolved as a savior in this regard. A dental implant is a titanium post which is surgically positioned in the jawline which enables mounting a cosmetic tooth or a bridge to fill in the gap. To learn about the techniques and procedures involved in the implant process click here. To know more about the recent development and new technologies used in periodontics treatment do visit

People who have lost teeth as result of an injury or periodontal disease, often face difficulty in biting and eating. Also, it affects their confidence level. Certain basic requirements for getting an implant done are, one should have healthy and strong gums an adequate bone structure to hold and support the implant. There are basically two types of implants. An endosteal implant which is surgically positioned in jawbones. Once the tissues around the treated area heal, a second surgery is required to connect the post to the implant. Finally, an artificial cosmetic tooth mounted on the post. Subperiosteal implant involves placing of metal frames below the gum onto the jawbones. As gum tissues heal and grow they cover these frames naturally making them fixed to the jawbone. Then the post is attached to these frames and tooth similarly mounted on them.

Some of the benefits of getting a dental implant done are:

• Improves appearance: The human body functionality is such that, if the teeth are lost, and the structural jaw bones have nothing to hold on, jawbones start to dissolve which deteriorate the facial structure. The lower face shrinks, wrinkles develop around the mouth, the lips fold in, which makes the person look much older than their actual age. To avoid such massive appearance change, tooth implant is the best option to retain the exact facecut, smile and enhance bone growth. Also, it is better than dentures and bridges which over the time actually press down the bones.
• Durability: Dentures or bridges usually have a life of 6 to 7 years that too with proper care. After that, they need to be replaced which cost considerably. But Implants is a lifetime affair. With periodic dental checkups and adjustments, these implants perform well.
• Improves oral health and eating comfort: Unlike other periodontics options like dentures or bridges, where other healthy teeth around the area are also ground causing deterioration in their quality, implants only work in the affected area. Since these are permanent fixations eating is much more comfortable and painless.
• Improve speech: Due to empty spaces in the mouth, your speech also gets affected. Also, poor adjustment and orientation of the denture might cause slur or fumble when you speak. Implants through natural orientation of teeth bring in more clarity in the speech.

Although an expensive treatment to take but is worth an investment.

Symptoms And Remedies Of Over Supination

Over Supination

Supination is the problem that occurs in your feet. It is due to the weight transformation that happens on the outer edges of your feet. Supination is also referred by the term under pronation. It is always normal that your weight is in the center of your feet rather than on the outer edges. Excess supination can lead to severe health problems. There are best shoes for supination available in the market. You can visit the website to know more about the various symptoms and remedies for excess supination.
The article below discusses the various symptoms of supination. It also talks about the treatment and remedies for excess supination.

Reasons For Supination
Supination is caused due to various reasons. The main reason for supination is the structure of the foot. Due to specific genetical reasons, the width of your feet can be abnormal. It can be due to the weakness developed in your foot. Wearing improper shoes can also be a reason for excess supination. Tight and rigid shoes can also be the reason for excessive supination. Walking on harsh terrains can also be the cause of over supination. People who stand for a long time are prone to extreme supination. It is also seen that athletes are likely to excess supination.

Symptoms Of Excessive Supination
Excess supination can result in various health problems. It develops tension on various parts of your body like calves, knees ankles, etc. You can identify supination by the following symptoms
· Frequent sprain on the ankles.
· Swelling in the feet and ankles.
· Severe pain in the ankle.
· Musculoskeletal problems in the ankle or feet.

Treatment For Supination
People suffering from pain in the hip, knee, ankle, arch, etc should consult an orthopedic physician to check if they are suffering from supination. You need to treat supination at the early stage else it may lead to other injuries in your body. The treatment offered depends on the severity of supination caused in your feet.
· Your doctor may advise you to wear a supportive shoe
· You can also make use of orthotic inserts in your shoes which can offer arch support
· Your doctor can also prescribe you certain anti-inflammatory medicines in the case of swelling and severe pain in the ankle or feet.
· The orthopedic physician can also suggest you perform certain stretches or exercises to treat supination.

Natural Ways For Proper Supination
There are various natural ways for proper supination. You need to maintain a correct posture when you lift a heavyweight or when you stand for a longer time.Athletes should practice soft landing rather and avoid hard landing on the floor which will result in excess supination. You can also practice various strength building exercises to reduce the effect of supination. Exercises like squats can reduce the muscular weakness of the ankles and calves. Lunge dips, lunge twists can also be done for proper supination. Podiatrists recommend proper lightweight shoes for people who spend more time on their feet like athletes and sportspeople.
The article above helps to know about the symptoms of excess supination and the treatment offered to treat abnormal supination.